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There’s nothing quite like the rustic look of reclaimed barn wood. At Old Barn Wood Company LLC, we salvage the highest quality wood from old barns and make it available for your home or business.

Salvaged Barn Wood

Rather than chop trees for wood and harm the environment, you can shop our selection of reclaimed barn wood for sale. At Old Barn Wood, we sell salvaged barn wood that brings a distressed, rustic feel into any home. In an effort to help you create aesthetically pleasing projects for your home, whether it be an entire wall or a small decorative statement piece, Old Barn Wood collects salvaged barn wood from old farm buildings and warehouses that would otherwise be a waste of natural resources.  We are proud to offer reclaimed barn wood for sale that combines flair and function for the modern lifestyle. 

In addition to selling directly to consumers, Old Barn Wood partakes in commercial sales with contractors to ensure top-quality results that people will love! 

 If you are interested in purchasing salvaged barn wood for your home development, please contact Old Barn Wood for more information on how to get your recycled barn wood today! 

Salvaged Barn Wood